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  Services  Provided:


  • Gutter Cleaning Commercial

  • Gutter Cleaning Domestic

  • Pressure washing Commercial

  • Pressure washing Domestic

  • Driveway Cleaning

  • Patio Cleaning

  • Decking Cleaning

  • Indian flag cleaning

  • Brick cleaning

  • High level gutter cleans

  • Free gutter inspections included.

Gutter Cleaning Bolton Residents Should Use!

Cleaning the inside and outside of your home can feel like a job that never ends. There are some jobs that you do every day, or very regularly, and then there are some jobs that you only need to do occasionally.


It can be easy to take these jobs for granted, but if you do, you may create further problems for yourself. Cleaning your gutters is an important task, but one that some people overlook. If you want to enjoy the best standard of gutter cleaning Bolton residents can enjoy, turn to Star Gutter Cleaning.

At Star Gutter Cleaning, we appreciate there are many reasons why you would prefer not to clean your own gutters. It can be a time-consuming role, it can be messy and not everyone is confident when asked to work at heights. These are all valid reasons why you shouldn’t clean your own gutters, but they aren’t reasons why your gutters shouldn’t be cleaned.

Call for the best standard of gutter cleaning Bolton homeowners can enjoy

We’re a highly experienced team and we are pleased to say we have helped many homeowners clean their gutters. We understand that this can be a messy job at times.

Therefore, we dress accordingly, and we make sure your property is clean at the end of the process. We also use specialist equipment which ensures we work safely, even working at roof-height.

Therefore, with all these reasons to call on Star Gutter Cleaning as opposed to doing the job yourself, you can enjoy peace of mind. We are pleased to offer the best standard of gutter cleaning Bolton homeowners can call on, so get in touch and we will take great care of you.

Star Gutter Cleaning is here to help you

Of course, you may be saying why should you pay someone to do this work? Does it even matter if your gutters aren’t cleaned? Sadly, messy and blocked gutters can cause major problems, so it is vital that you take steps to clean your gutters on a regular basis. Some of the common problems associated with blocked or messy gutters are:

  • Water damage affecting your home

  • The condition of your roof is compromised

  • Your home not looking as appealing as it should

  • Pests and vermin nesting in and around your gutters

These are problems you want to avoid. Anyone who has suffered water damage at home will know the massive inconvenience it causes, not to mention the cost or the potential lost items. While many household items can be replaced, items with a sentimental value cannot be, no matter how great an insurance policy you have.

Therefore, when you opt for the best standard of gutter cleaning Bolton residents can trust, you get peace of mind about the standard of your home. This is an area that we have huge experience in, and we look forward to assisting you. When it comes to having gutters you can be proud of, even if you never look at them, you’ll find Star Gutter Cleaning is the company you can trust.

The benefits of using Star:


  • High quality service

  • Honest and reliable

  • Reasonable pricing

  • Gutter inspection following each job

  • As specialists in gutter cleaning we can pass on our knowledge to the customer

Star also provide a commercial gutter cleaning service. businesses can save money while getting a high quality service by using our service. Full risk assesments and insurance details provided. Our clients include Nursing holmes, Warehouses, schools, and more

Also providing: Jet Washing including, Driveway, patio, decking, indian flag cleaning and more. 

We offer a powerful, fast and effective cleaning service which has fantastic results!  restore that 'brand new' look to your drive, patio, stone etc. Special offer! 50% of jetwashing when combined with gutters cleaning. use code: DG50

  • Advanced jetwash system 

  • Reasonible prices discounts for jet washing and gutter cleaning combined

  • We can clean garden furniture, just ask.

  • We wash down the property to ensure no dirt is left on the house or doors.

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