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 Gutter Cleaning services we provide:

Gutter Cleaning (domestic and commercial customers)

High level gutter cleans

CCTV gutter inspections

Down-pipe Cleaning as standard

Outside of gutters cleaned (additional charge)


Pressure Washing (domestic and commercial customers)

Driveway Cleaning

Patio Cleaning

Paving and Pathway Cleaning

Decking Cleaning

Indian / Yorkshire Stone Cleaning

Brick cleaning

Sanding of drives

Application of protective sealant on drives

Gutter Cleaning Cheshire, Homeowners Need To Know!


There are many cleaning jobs to take care of around the home, but it is important you don’t forget the cleaning jobs outside of the home. It is easy to take your gutters for granted but it is only when you have a problem with guttering that you realise how important they are. This is a job that is best left to the professionals and for the finest gutter cleaning Cheshire homeowners can rely on, contact Star Gutter Cleaning.

We’re delighted to say we have helped many Cheshire residents, landlords and homeowners care for their guttering. It doesn’t take long for gutters to become clogged, not with the changeable weather conditions we experience. Mind you, the changeable weather conditions is a big reason why you wouldn’t want to clean your gutters!

Enjoy the best gutter cleaning Cheshire residents can choose!

In fact, there are many reasons why you don’t want to clean your gutters. If you are not comfortable at heights, cleaning your guttering isn’t going to seem like a good idea. Similarly, if you work hard for most of the week, you want to relax with your time off and the thought of cleaning your gutters isn’t relaxing. Add in the fact that this is a messy job, and it is easy to see why people don’t want to clean their own gutters.

However, given the benefits of having a clean gutter, or the consequences of not having clean guttering, you soon realise how important it is to call on the professionals who offer the best gutter cleaning Cheshire has to offer.

Some of the leading benefits of a clean gutter are:

  • A clean gutter reduces the likelihood of water damaging your home

  • A clean gutter plays a role in making your home appear attractive

  • With a clean gutter, it is likely that the condition of your roof will be maintained

  • When you have a clean gutter, you reduce the likelihood of pests nesting at your property

These are all important benefits, and you shouldn’t have to miss out on them because you cannot clean your own gutters. We know that you have options when it comes to cleaning your gutters but for the best standard of gutter cleaning Cheshire residents can call on, we think you’ll find that Star Gutter Cleaning is the first to trust.






Reasons to call on Star Gutter Cleaning

As a local firm, we are keen to play our part in supporting the local community. However, it is our experience and expertise in this role that is the main reason to choose us. We are fully equipped, we use the best cleaning materials and when it comes to mess, it is our employees who get dirty, not you. If you’re looking for peace of mind and a convenient solution that keeps your gutters clean, you’ll find we are the local gutter firm to trust.


Also, as we are experienced, we can complete the job in next to no time, minimising any inconvenience you may suffer. Therefore, if you’re looking for clean gutters and confidence that your home is being cared for, call on the firm that provides the standard of gutter cleaning Cheshire homeowners love. Get in touch with Star Gutter Cleaning and we will be delighted to help you.

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Star gutter cleaning also provides a commercial gutter cleaning service. Businesses can save money whilst getting a high quality service by using us. Full risk assessments and insurance details can be provided on request. Our clients include various nursing homes, warehouses, schools, and much more.

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