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Corner of a Roof Gutter

Gutter Cleaning & Repair Doncaster | Star Gutter Cleaning  

Gutter cleaning Doncaster - Gutter Repair

Welcome to Star Gutter cleaning Doncaster, we have over 18 years experience cleaning and repairing gutters. From Domestic gutter cleaning, to working with commercial UK gutter cleaning contractors. we ensure complete professionalism on each job we undertake. For our commercial clients we offer a wide range of services for commercial properties including gutter cleaning for, nursing homes and gutter cleaning for shopping centres.
Cleaning of gutters is an essential maintenance duty for your property, this ensures water is safely drained away and not pouring over the gutter or dripping of the gutter onto the grounds below, this could cause health and safety issues if not dealt with.
There could be damage made to the property for example damp or eroding of gutters or facias due to water damage. At star gutter cleaning we use traditional methods of cleaning, combined with various other methods for the best possible results for example: gutter vacuum system this powerful machine is able to clean gutters effectively up to 5 levels it will get out even the most stubborn plants, we do also have telescopic jet wash lances and power-poles to blast any downpipes clean. and our trusted ladders enable us to get up and get our hands dirty contact Star Gutter cleaning today for a competitive quote and fast response.


Star Gutter cleaning  are your local well-established, family-run gutter cleaning company. We are experienced and knowledgeable so you can rely on us to do a professional and high quality job. We are a friendly and trustworthy team offering competitive rates. We also offer half price gutter cleaning when you book any jet washing work.


We use a state of the art gutter cleaning vacuum system to suck out all the muck and grime from ground level, using poles reaching up to 60 feet. This is a safer, quicker and cleaner technique for gutter cleaning. We also use the traditional 'ladder and hands' method for trickier gutters if required. Our ladders are also fitted with modern non-slip safety devices. We use CCTV to ensure the gutters are left fully cleaned. Down-pipes are cleaned as standard to remove any blockages. We can also clean the outside of the gutters to leave your home looking fresh. 


Gutters gradually collect dirt and grime from trees, from birds, from rain and general build-up of muck which can lead to blockages. If not removed these blockages can prevent rainwater from moving down the pipes as it should. The result is damp can get into you brickwork leading to mould and potential damage to you walls externally and internally. Annual gutter cleaning is recommended to prevent any of this happening. Gutter cleaning is an important preventative measure to damage

Some of the biggest problems blocked gutters cause include:

  • Allowing water to damage your home

  • Providing a place where pests can nest

  • Flooding your basement

  • Negatively impacting on the appearance of your property

  • Damaging the condition of your roof

  • Shorten the lifespan of your gutter

Our Gutter cleaning services are high quality

  • Skilled and experienced friendly staff

  • Specialist variety of equipment ensure the job is carried out to a high standard

  • Equipment that allows us to work safely at heights, minimising the risk of injury or accident





We also offer a powerful, fast and effective driveway cleaning which has fantastic results also 


Restore that 'brand new' look to your drive, patio, paving, stone etc. All our equipment is top of the range, ensuring you get the best possible service for driveway cleaning.

We can guarantee an excellent quality finish, so call now for a quick quote.

Half price gutter cleaning with any jet washing!


driveway cleaning- Before


driveway cleaning- After


drivewaycleaning- Before


driveway cleaning- After
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