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Gutter Cleaning Stockport  


The best standard of gutter cleaning Stockport residents and homeowners can choose!

From impacts on the quality of home life, and so many things to consider in caring for a home, it is understandable that gutter cleaning and maintenance is taken for granted, but this would be a mistake. After all, the problems that arise from blocked or clogged guttering can badly affect your home, so these are best avoided.

When you think about the impact that water damage can have on a home, you start to realise why cleaning your gutters is an important task. In a minimal amount of time, homes can be ruined due to water flooding in.


While furniture and belongings can be replaced if your items are precious to you or which invoke special memories, losing them to water damage would be hugely frustrating, because these items cannot be replaced, this is something we come across from time to time sue to non maintenance of gutters.

Reliable gutter cleaning Stockport residents will love!

Therefore, it makes sense that you clean your guttering, but some people are reluctant to clean their own gutters. It is fair to say that many people are not comfortable working at a great height. This is a role where you need specialist equipment, and if you don’t have these items, you may be placing yourself at risk.

This reason alone is all the justification some people need to turn to a professional gutter cleaning firm. If you’re looking for the best standard of gutter cleaning Stockport homeowners can benefit from, you’ll find Star Gutter Cleaning is the company you can trust.

As a local firm operating in the Stockport area, we are pleased to say we have helped many local homeowners care for their firm. We have an experienced team, we have the best cleaning equipment and we don’t mind getting messy to get the job done. It is understandable that homeowners don’t want to do the dirty work outside of their home, not when we are here to take care of the job for you!

Enjoy the benefits of calling on Star Gutter Cleaning



For all that gutter cleaning seems like a small and unimportant job, there are some major benefits of having the work carried out, including:

  • Clean gutters minimise the risk of water damage at your home

  • If you want to maintain the condition and lifespan of your home, clean your gutters

  • Create a positive first impression at home with clean gutters

  • Lower the likelihood of pests nesting in or around your home


No matter the size of your home or how long you intend to stay at your current premises, there is a lot to be said for cleaning your gutters on a regular basis. It is better to be proactive than reactive, 

gutter cleaning stockport
gutter cleaning stockport
gutter cleaning stockport
gutter cleaning stockport
gutter cleaning stockport
gutter cleaning stockport


 Our Gutter Cleaning services:

Gutter Cleaning (domestic and commercial customers)

High level gutter cleans

CCTV gutter inspections

Down-pipe Cleaning as standard

Outside of gutters cleaned (additional charge)


Pressure Washing (domestic and commercial customers)

Driveway Cleaning

Patio Cleaning

Paving and Pathway Cleaning

Decking Cleaning

Indian / Yorkshire Stone Cleaning

Brick cleaning

Sanding of drives

Application of protective sealant on drives

Tarmac Treatments

Graffiti removal

Sand Blasting 

Watch our gutter cleaning Videos...

Gutter cleaning Domestic
gutter cleanng commercial with ladders

Commercial Customers:

At Star Gutter cleaning we also provide a commercial gutter cleaning service in Stockport and surrounding areas. Our previous clients include nursing homes, warehouses, schools, shops and more. We can provide full risk assessments. We are fully compliant with health and safety standards. We are fully insured and can provide insurance details on request.  

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Star Jet Wash

We offer a powerful, fast and effective driveway cleaning service which has fantastic results! Restore that 'brand new' look to your drive, patio, paving, stone etc. All our equipment is top of the range, ensuring you get the best possible service for driveway cleaning. We can guarantee an excellent quality finish, so call now for a quick quote.


Half price gutter cleaning with any jet washing!


See some of our Driveway cleaning work...


driveway cleaning stockport
Driveway cleaning before clean
Patio clean before hand


driveway cleaning stockpor
Driveway cleaning After clean
Patio clean after

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