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Gutter Cleaning - Gutter Hedgehogs are they an Option

Gutter cleaning is one of the most critical, but often the most ignored, household chore. Gutters are intended to gather rain water and divert it away from your structure so that you don't have to worry about flooding or excess water damage.

Gutter Hedgehogs are they an Option?

A gutter hedgehog brush is a sort of gutter guard that is installed in your gutter. It has: strong bristles arranged in a circular form that is put in the gutter itself to stop moss dirt etc while allowing water to flow down the gutter freely.

They are not simple to set up and, difficult to takedown, so they are not a great solution

The core of the brushes is often made of galvanized steel wire to prevent corrosion and to give enough heaviness to keep the brushes in place even in the most severe weather conditions.

Some believes that putting these in your gutter is a wonderful idea, but it causes chaos in the gutters, It was a shopping channel product that gained popularity, and a large number of individuals have bought into the notion.

However, most people have it removed because it actually makes things worst instead of resolving. They end up acting like plant pots and creating even more mess then before!

Reasons Not To Use Gutter Hedgehogs Brushes

We have gathered a lot of information and came to a conclusion that gutter hedgehogs brushes are not suitable due to the following reasons:

● Restricts Water Flow: The gutter hedgehog brush seems to be working by blocking the debris or leaves. However, it not only blocks the debris or leaves but also restricts the water flow.

● Harvests Seedlings: When the leaves or smaller seeds fall into the gutter hedgehog brush, they start to develop because of the water and dirt that accumulate in the bristles. It leads to the development of seedlings in the gutters and creates a bigger mess.

● Needs Frequent Monitoring: The idea of gutter hedgehog brushes was to prevent frequent gutter inspections. However, with the use of this product, you may need to put up the ladder and clean the hedgehogs frequently. Then placing the hedgehogs back in the gutter again



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