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Driveway Cleaning in Wilmslow, and surrounding areas.


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  Services  Provided:



  • Pressure washing Commercial

  • Pressure washing Domestic

  • Decking Cleaning

  • Driveway cleaning

  • Patio Cleaning

  • Flag cleaning

  • Indian stone cleaning


Driveway cleaning in Wilmslow



The most advanced driveway cleaning service in Wilmslow.



Turn your drive, decking, patio etc... into something amazing! We offer a powerfull and fast cleaning service which has fantastic results removing weeds dirt and bringing that new look back to your property. We have very powerfull commercial petrol driven turbo equipment halfing the time needed on a job saving you time and inconvenience. We always leave the area clean and tidy and wash down windows, doors, if needed,  you will be delighted with the results! Our prices are reasonible why not call us today? 07940 356 876







                                                                                      Why choose us?


                                                                                     We are around 50% faster(then other companies)


                                                                                     Amazing results, fair pricing system,  and friendly services.                                                                        















                                                                                                    Having a clean drive Improves safety!  

                                                                                                    Adds a more desirable look to your property!








    Check out our video below:





    Cleaning In action:































                                                                                        We also offer a gutter cleaning service!
                                                                Have a Pressure wash and get gutters done for free or                                                                                                            half price  depending on size of job!





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