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Services  Provided:


  • Gutter Cleaning (Commercial)

  • Gutter Cleaning (Domestic)

  • Pressure washing (Commercial)

  • Pressure washing (Domestic)

  • Driveway Cleaning

  • Patio Cleaning

  • Decking Cleaning

  • Indian flag cleaning

  • Brick cleaning

  • High level gutter cleans

  • Free gutter inspections included

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Gutter Cleaning Oldham Residents Should Turn To, This Year.


If you have a lengthy list of jobs that need to be taken care of around the home, it makes sense to get some help.

There are going to be jobs that you don’t want to do, and if that is the case, call on the experts for support. Anyone looking for the best standard of gutter cleaning Oldham residents can enjoy, will find that Star Gutter Cleaning is here to help, and make a significant difference around your home.

You may not realise it but there are many benefits associated with a clean gutter. Some of the reasons you should clean your gutter regularly include:

•    A clean gutter reduces the stress and pressure on your roof, which means it will likely maintain its good condition
•    A clean gutter reduces the likelihood of water damage affecting your home
•    A clean gutter ensures that guests, passers-by or even prospective buyers enjoy a positive first impression of your home
•    A clean gutter removes a place where pests may set up a nest at your home

These are big benefits for a homeowner because the consequences associated with a poor standard of guttering isn’t worth thinking about.

Do you want the best standard of gutter cleaning Oldham homeowners can find?

However, even though the benefits of a clean gutter are obvious, we know that most homeowners aren’t rushing to clear out their gutters. This is fine. Cleaning gutters take time, it can be messy and if you don’t have the right equipment, you may be wary about working at such a height.

These are all crucial factors to consider, but if you are looking for the best standard of gutter cleaning Oldham residents can enjoy, we have you covered.

Star Gutter Cleaning is here to make your life easier
All the reasons that are stopping you from clearing out your gutter don’t apply to us, so call on Star Gutter Cleaning. We have a highly experienced team, so we can clean out your gutters quickly. We come prepared for the work at hand. We know that cleaning gutters can be messy, but we take care of this, and we leave your property in excellent condition.

This gives you time to focus on more important matters!

As a company, we have invested in the best standard of gutter cleaning equipment. This helps us to carry out our work quickly and efficiently. It also means we can work safely which is hugely important.

For the most dependable standard of gutter cleaning Oldham residents can rely on, make sure you contact Star Gutter Cleaning and we will take care of everything else.
Whatever reason you have for wanting to avoid this work, get in touch. Whether you are being proactive or reactive, you’ll find that we are here to help you feel more confident about the quality and standard of your home. If you are keen to enjoy the finest standard of gutter cleaning Oldham homeowners can find, choose Star Gutter Cleaning every time.

The benefits of using Star:


  • High quality service

  • Honest and reliable

  • Reasonable pricing

  • Gutter inspection following each job

  • As specialists in gutter cleaning we can pass on our knowledge to the customer

Star also provide a commercial gutter cleaning service. businesses can save money while getting a high quality service by using our service. Full risk assesments and insurance details provided. Our clients include Nursing holmes, Warehouses, schools, and more

Also providing: Jet Washing including, Driveway, patio, decking, indian flag cleaning and more. 

We offer a powerful, fast and effective cleaning service which has fantastic results!  restore that 'brand new' look to your drive, patio, stone etc. Special offer! 50% of jetwashing when combined with gutters cleaning. use code: DG50



  • Advanced jetwash system 

  • Reasonible prices discounts for jet washing and gutter cleaning combined

  • We can clean garden furniture, just ask.

  • We wash down the property to ensure no dirt is left on the house or doors.



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