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 Gutter Repair Manchester 


Gutter Repair in Manchester.

Having  over 18 years experience for gutter repairs in Manchester, and Domestic gutter cleaning services in Manchester, to working as commercial UK gutter cleaning contractors. we ensure complete professionalism on each job we undertake.

For our commercial clients we offer a wide range of services for commercial properties including gutter cleaning for, nursing homes and gutter cleaning for shopping centres.

Repair of gutters is an essential maintenance duty for your property, this ensures water is safely drained away and not pouring over the gutter or dripping of the gutter onto the grounds below, this could cause health and safety issues if not dealt with.

There could be damage made to the property for example damp or eroding of gutters or facias due to water damage. At star gutter cleaning we use traditional methods of cleaning, combined with various other methods for the best possible results for example: gutter vacuum system this powerful machine is able to clean gutters effectively up to 5 levels it will get out even the most stubborn plants, we do also have telescopic jet wash lances and power-poles to blast any downpipes clean. and our trusted ladders enable us to get up and get our hands dirty contact Star Gutter cleaning today for a competitive quote and fast response.

Gutter repair Manchester

Our promise to you:

  • Honest and reliable service

  • High standard of work

  • Fair prices

  • All work fully guaranteed

  • Fast and efficient service

Gutter repair Manchester

Star Gutter Cleaning provides an affordable gutter repair in Manchester yet professional service for both commercial and domestic clients.  Reasonable prices! including downpipe cleans and quality checks to ensure everything is working as it should.

Driveway cleaning Manchester

Services  Provided:

  • Gutter Cleaning - Commercial and Domestic

  • Pressure washing - Commercial

  • Pressure washing - Domestic

Having served the Manchester region for over 18 years we have a wealth of happy customers, returning to us each year. Whether its for domestic gutter cleaning in Manchester or some of our other services we will be happy to assist. Don't let a rainy day spoil your property due to leaking gutters we can fix that just contact star gutter cleaning today.   
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UK gutter cleaning contractors

Specialising in gutter cleaning and repair work we have a wealth of experience in solving gutter related issues Our local professional Manchester team will be happy to assist, with any issues you may have from domestic gutter cleaning to commercial gutter cleaning we provide excellent service for both. 
Some of the biggest problems blocked gutters cause include:
Allowing water to damage your home
Providing a place where pests can nest
Negatively impacting on the appearance of your property
Damaging the condition of your roof
Shorten the lifespan of your gutter

Trained equipped and ready gutter cleaning 

Contact star gutter cleaning 

Don't hesitate to send us a message with your request for gutter cleaning gutter repairs for commercial and domestic properties. As well as driveway cleaning, patio cleaning, and more we offer an efficient and professional service for gutter cleaning in Manchester and surrounding areas.  

Watch Our Domestic and commercial Gutter Cleaning Videos

gutter cleaning Manchester

Star gutter cleaning have been cleaning gutters in Manchester for over 18 years, we specialise in cleaning domestic, but also commercial properties gutters including gutter cleaning for nursing homes and gutter cleaning for shopping centres. We use a variety of methods when it comes to commercial cleaning of gutters, we first do a full risk assessment and safety analysis of the area ensuring everything is in line with health and safety standards. Afterwards we offer a competitive quote and explain the best and safest way to accomplish the task at hand. being a UK gutter cleaning company for commercial enquiries we aim to work efficiently and effectively. contact star gutter cleaning today.  

Gutter cleaning Manchester
gutter cleaning Manchester
gutter cleaning Manchester

Gutter cleaning has many benefits, it helps prevent damage to your house, facias, and roof, it also prevents slippy surfaces forming which are a slip hazard. The average property should have there gutters cleaned about once per year usually after the final fall of leaves this will then give a good while until the following year. Yearly maintenance of the gutters is essential especially on larger older properties this will prevent damp from entering the property and brickwork. The key to piece of mind when it comes to your properties is a regular gutter clean as once damp gets in it can cause expansive issues. At star gutter cleaning we do provide a repair service for minor repairs for example if the gutter is dripping we can seal it up or even replace a part of the gutter just contact star gutter cleaning for further details cover the Manchester area. 

Gutter cleaning Manchester



Our Team is dedicated to giving you the best in service possible. Specialising in gutter cleaning and repairs.


we have a wealth of experience which enables us to give the best possible service to each and every one of our customers.


We strive to offer a reasonible quote for all our jobs whilst delivering excellence as standard.


Offering gutter cleaning to commercial and domestic clients also offering a gutter repair service for domestic clients. 

feel free to contact us for a quote.  

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